Meet the Consultants

Dan Kennedy, Sr. Consulting Partner, 903-570-0351: Dan began his career with Cities Service Oil Company in Midland, Texas as an engineer technician with responsibilities in production, drilling, and work overs from 1977-1979. From 1979 until 1993, Dan worked for Lake Ronel Oil Company in Tyler, Texas. He was the Drilling/Production foreman, and was then promoted to Field Operations Manager with responsibilities of the Active Drilling Program overseeing daily operations in Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Florida. From 1993 to present, Dan has partnered with Larry Stall in creating a consulting company for the oilfield industry, (East Texas Oilfield Production Services, Inc.).

Larry Stall, Sr. Consulting Partner, 903-738-3858: Larry began his career as a roughneck and worked his way up to a well pumper, then to field supervisor, and finally Vice President of an independent energy firm in Oklahoma. He then left the energy firm to start his own oilfield equipment business, eventually selling the business and purchased several leases in the East Texas area. After substantially increasing the value of the wells purchased, he sold them to various Texas and Colorado operating companies. In 1993, he began his consulting career partnering with Dan Kennedy. Larry has a broad and diverse background in the oilfield industry, including drilling, completion, production, acquisitions, equipment sales, and plugging and abandonment. 

Larry Downing, Well Site Supervisor, 903-646-3102: Larry brings many years of experience to our team. The first 11 years of his career he spent in the well service industry, gaining experience as a floor hand, derrick man, rig operator, and tool pusher. He then spent the next 8 years at Texas Oil & Gas Corp. in Palestine, TX area as a drilling foreman, and an area production & drilling superintendent. The next 12 years he spent doing consulting work such as completions, work overs, and production for Smith & Harmon Engineering, and James E. Smith & Assoc. The following 11 years were spent with Richardson Enterprises running Fishing tools in Kilgore, TX. Larry came to ETOPSI in 2003 and has benefited our customers and team since then.

Chris Fourd, Drilling Supervisor, 940-365-6112: Chris began his career in 1994 as a roughneck with Delta Drilling, also working with Reading & Bates Offshore, then Greywolf and Martex Drilling. He became a driller for Unit Drilling in 2000. Chris drilled for Unit, Pioneer and Bronco. He became a directional driller for DDC Company in 2007 for 2 years. In 2010, Chris started tool pushing for Red River Drilling. Chris became a valuable asset to the ETOPSI team in 2014.